Implicit trust and spectacular results

“I have used Fairway Frames for years. They are the only frame shop that I trust to handle my collection of original artwork and art collections. Many pieces in my collection are valued at well over 5 figures. I will only allow Fairway Frames to work on them.

Whether it is repairing damaged canvas or creating a shadowbox Micki seems to always be able to see the beauty that is hidden and create a wonderful looking finished product.”

                                                                                   - DGP

excellent quality

I have used Fairway Frames for years. The quality of their work is unsurpassed. Their ability to restore damaged art and build custom display pieces is remarkable. They are the people to trust with your valuable art and keepsakes.

                                                                                                 - A.S.


Outstanding experience. Can't say enough good things about the service and quality.



Micki - 

Thank you so much for all the time you spent on putting together that impossible Chinese puzzle.  You did a FANTASTIC job!

(Intricate antique frame from China shattered in a hundred plus pieces on flight home ... RESTORED!)



I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service & kindness.  This situation could have been a lot worse for me if you had not been so wonderful to work with!

Thank you for everything ... pick up, repair, and delivery!                                                                                                                                                                  JH (Oil Painting Restoration)


“For years I have had Fairway Frames handle all my framing needs and have always had my expectations surpassed. There was a recent time, when by no fault of my own, some very special art work fell victim to a fire. I thought that nothing could ever bring these images to life again, they were ruined. These very same lithographs will soon hang AGAIN in my newly constructed office.The incredible ability and knowledge of Micki at Fairway Frames has made this all possible. The pierced, smoke damaged and stained images were mended, hand tinted and cleaned in away that only Micki knew could be possible. There is life for your art after a disaster, ask Micki to guide you through the possibilities. Hats off to the incredible knowledge, talent and taste in the designing and restoration of all my art for so many years. Once again my expectations were surpassed.”

                                                                                                             - DJA

Beyond Your Original Vision

“If you are thinking of framing a piece of art or shadow boxing a collection and you need assistance with color, style, placement or design . Micki has a creative eye that sees beyond your original vision for the project. The box stores may have specials but, the work usually isn't. When I have a special piece or need someone to create a special piece "Fairway Frames" is where I will go again and again.”

                                                                                           - nculpnkc

Amazing Creativity

“For years I had a collection of old newspaper clippings from 1958; they were in an old envelope that my sister had given me after our Mother passed away. These clippings were of my Mother when she was President of the Liberty Guild. For some reason also included was one of my favorite photographs of her from the same time period. My sister and I went to Fairway Frames and as usual, they worked their magic. Micki and Steve were amazing, once again!”
                                                              - Ruthdo



If you're looking to have something framed or restored...the right way, look no further.  

I brought in a wedding photo for framing and knew I wanted something special, but really wasn't even sure where to start.  It was such an experience as who I presume to be the owner started selecting frames and borders from here and there showing me which ones would compliment the picture as well as the decor in my home.  She had such an eye for putting things together.  

There were also some stunning paintings and sculptures there awaiting pick up and based on the quality of the pieces as well as my own experience, it would appear that people seek this place out from far and wide for expert care and attention to detail.  Wonderful service.



 Art Restoration

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